What Is Dimon Software?

Dimon Software, connecting different worlds – through XML

Dimon Software introduces the next generation of XML processing technology


Dimon Software announces the release of Dimon Server 4.0 and a new framework which reduces the complexity of the processing of structured data. With the introduction of XML Service Actions, XSA, Dimon addresses challenges related to the ways in which XML processing tasks are managed. The XSA specification is a formal framework for managing the obtainment, processing, and delivery of structured data. It simplifies data-collection, integration and presentation tasks where data is fetched from various systems and sources. Dimon Server 4.0 is a reference implementation of XSA.

Børsen announces mobile services


Børsen, the leading provider of financial information services in Denmark, today announced the availability of Børsen Mobil. This new service allows Børsen customers to access time critical business information from PDA’s and mobile phones such as Nokia 9210 Communicator. Børsen Mobil is accessible throughhttp://mobile.borsen.dk using any web enabled PDA or mobile phone. Børsen selected Dimon Software as the provider of information technology for Børsen Mobil. For further information, refer to http://www.borsen.dk/mobil.




Dimon Business Server for B2B message handling for ANZA’s electronic exchange market RM – Rafrænt markaðstorg

Dimon software and ANZA have signed a letter of intent on B2B message handling for ANZA’s electronic exchange market RM – Rafrænt markaðstorg.

Dimon Business Server will be used to transfer business messages between the users of RM and the exchange market. A part of the service will be to map between different business standards e.g. EDI and XML and the standard preferred by the RM exchange market. Read more

Dimon Software releases version 3.1

Dimon Software has announced the release of Dimon Server 3.1 and Dimon Developer Tool 3.1. The new version opens up new opportunities for designers of mobile applications. Dimon Developer Tool 3.1 helps developers create interactive SMS services in a matter of minutes using an intuitive design GUI interface. Dimon Server 3.1 adds support for the deployment of 2-way interactive SMS and MMS services in addition to the previous support for presentation into over 100 mobile devices through WAP, HTML and i-Mode.

Dimon Software leads the way in ebXML messaging

Dimon Software has announced the release of Dimon Business Server, a business-to-business (B2B) integration solution for delivery of any content over the Internet. The Dimon Business Server connects to various backend systems, transforms the inbound business content to the desired format and guaranties ‘once and only once’ secure delivery to the business partner. Dimon Business Server is a scalable solution based on the open standards of Java and ebXML.

Dimon Software demonstrates the power of ebXML at SARIS conference

Iceland secretary of Industry and Trade, Valgerdur Sverrisdottir, opened the SARIS conference on e-Business on April 17th. One of the main focus areas at this conference is the rapid emergence of business messaging using the UN specified ebXML framework. Magnus Stefansson, CTO of MS-Dairy, outlined the business value related to Dimon Software implementation of ebXML at MS-Dairy and explained how Dimon Business Server opens new opportunities for self-service and cost savings in supply chain management. Dimon Software is one of 5 selected exhibitors at the conference and demonstrates live examples of business messaging at the stand.

Dimon releases the Mobile Business Worker solution suite

Dimon greets the new year by announcing the release of an all new Mobile Business Worker solution suite for mobile professionals.

Building on the Dimon Mobile Presentation Platform, the Mobile Worker Suite is a complete solution for the communications needs of both mobile field workers and…Read more

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Advantage of Synthetic Urine in Passing Drug Test

In the modern world, due to the advanced education level and standards, most people are learned and equipped with various skills and knowledge to fit in different fields of careers. This has led to the increased manpower than the available job opportunities.

In turn the employers have raised the employment qualifications to things which were never considered in the traditional job requirements like health medical report. This has led to couple of skilled personnel not getting jobs due to presence of “something” in their medical test or not meeting the medical standard requirement for the job.

One of the major test that has failed many people is urine drug test. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, this led to man coming up with an artificial urine called synthetic urine.

There are couples of high profiled professions like developers where the employers insists on drug test to be conducted on your urine before you qualify for the job. Since most people contain at least a sample of drugs in their urine, you are therefore advised to have a synthetic urine before applying for such a profession.

Synthetic urine is an artificially synthesized component that incorporates all the physical and chemical elements of a normal human urine both organic like urea and uric acid and inorganic compounds like ammonia. Its PH level is also the same as normal urine.

Its initial purpose was to aid in performing different urine lab test because normal urine was inappropriate due to composition of different unique genes.

Apart from this, synthetic urine is also used in performing tests on the diapers and sometimes in urine therapy.

Its major applications as used by many people though is to pass the most difficult test—drug tests. Visit Synthetic Urine Reviews for more info.

Drug test is a test carried in various institutions including schools, jobs and sports to confirm the usage of various abused drugs like marijuana, steroid, cocaine and many more.

Synthetic urine has been modified in such a way that it’s impossible to distinguish it from the normal human urine!

That’s why you are always advised to have it before applying for a profession like a developer where it’s mandatory.

Quality synthetic urine actually works, and therefore you should take appropriate precautions while purchasing it, else you will buy a fake one which might lands you in trouble!

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Why It Is Important To Pick the Right Realtor

Why It Is Important To Pick the Right RealtorThere are several features in real estate investing and all need to be done efficiently in order to make a profit. Probably one of the most essential options is the realtor you employ to manage your real estate deals. The realtor is critical to the success or failing of an investor so it’s a good idea to select the ideal one for you.

Time is important in Peoria real estate investing, however not putting in the time to discover the ideal realtor to manage your real estate purchases can show expensive both in time thrown away as well as cash shed. Right here are a couple of ideas for picking the appropriate realtor. Complying with these could enhance your possibilities of acquiring a far better realtor as well as a far better offer on your real estate deals.

Study! This factor could not be worried enough. Putting in the time to do your research on the realtors in the location you plan to company will certainly conserve you cash and stress. Regional information of real estate market problems is invaluable. The best realtor could keep you in the circulation of the real estate market modifications as well as validities. Select the appropriate realtor as well as you have accessibility to this expertise, thus assisting you make the very best choices.

Begin by getting in touch with realtors in the location that you have an interest in operating. The fastest method to situate realtors is on the web, lawn indicators, regional Better Business Bureaus, as well as Board of Realtors among others. Among the very best methods to discover an excellent realtor is to see your regional Real Estate Investing Association or club, usually referred to as a REIA. With us, you’ll locate numerous reps that have encountered managing financiers.

Once or more of these are merely a couple of inquiries to obtain. As you end up being a lot more experienced you will certainly create your own list. When you have actually finished the meetings it’s time to take a seat as well as assess each realtor you talked to. Take into consideration all the realities. Which realtor(s) did you really feel most comfy with? Who are hostile or otherwise threatening sufficient? Which realtor provided each inquiry cautious factor to consider just before responding to? Which realtor was straightforward adequate to confess when they did not know the solution to an inquiry? This is where your instinct will certainly enter play.

You certainly would like to review with the realtor what their terms, disorders, and charges are the agreement they will certainly ask you to authorize. Ask if their costs are flexible. There are several factors to think about in all this. As soon as you are contented it’s time to pick the appropriate realtor for you. Real estate spending entails several of one of the most crucial choices you will certainly ever before make. It is simply sensible to have one of the most sustain feasible to make the appropriate choice.

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“You Are Not A Gadget” Book Review

you are not a gadget

Jaron Lanier’s book “You Are Not a Gadget”, published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2010, features strong criticism of the direction the internet and the open source movement have been going in for the last decade or so but these are not the ravings of some crazed Neo-Luddite. What makes Lanier’s criticisms less easy for the tech world to dismiss is that he has worked in the realm of virtual reality (and later on the web) since he started at Atari in his early 20s in 1983 and is well aware of the limitations imposed on technology by those who design and create it, regardless of their intentions.

The author’s main argument is for what he calls “digital humanism” and individuality as opposed to what he calls “the hive mind” (or, more hyperbolically, “digital Maoism”) that he sees in places as diverse as Facebook, Wikipedia, the Linux operating system and even the Google search engine. His criticisms of Wikipedia might seem controversial to some but they actually get to the core of his argument. His main problem with the site (and wikis in general) is what many people have seen as its strength, that is, that it is a collective effort on the part of all contributors. Lanier argues that this is actually a weakness as it naturally filters out distinct voices and seems to value expert knowledge less than so-called collective wisdom.

This discussion extends beyond criticism of the web to our culture in general which seems increasingly to produce nostalgic amalgamations (“mashups”) of older creative works, styles and ideas rather than trying to create something new and original. What troubles the author is that the American economy was supposed to produce an ever-growing creative middle class to replace the manufacturing sector as those jobs were shipped overseas but has instead produced “digital serfs” who produce free content for sites like Youtube and Facebook (and even more so on newer platforms like Tumblr and Instagram as if to prove his predictions) while “cloud overlords” reap the rewards in terms of advertising revenues from their work.

Lanier is not content to simply list the problems he sees with the way the web is going, he also attempts to find solutions for them and, at times, the discussion can become a bit technical for the general reader. The idea he broaches of a system of micro-payments for creative and other web-based work, while great in theory, might be a little more difficult to manage in the real world. These small criticisms aside, while you may not agree with everything the author says, “You Are Not a Gadget” is an important and stimulating work of philosophy for our time.

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Shakeout Begins for Home Computers Part 2

A similarly configured PCjr will cost close to $2,000, using both IBM and third-party hardware and software.

The Atari 800XL WritingSystem was promoted by VideoConcepts for $1,149.90 at Christmas. The system included the 800XL CPU, disk drive, AtariWriter software and a 1025 80-column printer. Adding joystick controllers and a popular game program will bring the price to $1,250, or more than twice as much as Adam.

Commodore, long the price/value leader with its C-64 model, comes closest to matching Adam in price with a system comparable to Adam costing approximately $800 at Toys “R” Us and other retailers.

Despite the apparent strengths of the Adam, a number of flaws may sour consumers on the system. While every store contacted during the Christmas season reported that every unit was sold within days of its arrival, the return rate was very high.

A store source at an Electronics Boutique outlet in King of Prussia, Pa., says between one-third and one-quarter of all Adams sold were returned for exchange. His figures were matched by most other retailers, who cited the tape memory drive as the culprit. On the other hand, Charles Lazarus, chairman of Toys “R” Us, says return rates were not greater than any other highly sophisticated electronics product.

Another problem that resulted in quick returns to the stores was the computer’s apparent inability to store dmm. “They may come in initially shopping for price, but most will step up to the models that have all the features they want.”

One discount buyer says the VCR is becoming a two-market product. “One group of customers is looking for a low-priced unit ($399) with limited features, while the second is going for full-featured, four-head machines,” says Frank Remaley of G. C. Murphy. “At the upper end, it’s still a name brand business. For basic machines, people would like a name brand, but they’re very willing to accept an off-brand or private label, much like the market for the best canister vacuum.”

The move to private label is showing up not only at the major general merchandise chains, but at specialty stores as well. And the non-branded machines aren’t always at the lower-priced end of the business. In a Christmas circular, VideoConcepts, Jact Eckerd Co.’s electonics specialty chain, featured its P/L VHS video recorder for $699.90, $100 below regular retail. In the same circular, opening price point ($499.90) units by Toshiba, JVC and Fisher were carried.

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Shakeout Begins for Home Computers Part 1

The long-prophesied shakeout in the home computer market got under way in the last few months of 1983, and already a new market structure is evident.

Following a topsy-turvy year with pricing, promotions, product availability and consumer demand changing course on what seemed like a daily basis, it now appears that the home computer business is settling into a three-way slugfest for a share of the low-end (under-$1,000) market.

Retailers and industry watchers agree that IBM, with its PCjr, will develop an overwhelming dominanace of the high-end home market, just as the company has already done in the personal computer business.

But this should have only minimal effect on general merchandise chain home computer sales. “IBM has proven itself to be a super marketing organization,” says Bob Harder, vp/electronics at Montgomery Ward, “but I dont’t think the PCjr is the key to the home market. It’s too expensive, and the channels of distribution aren’t really aimed at the mass market.”

The fact that the PCjr will be sold only through IBM Product Centers and other computer specialty outlets will limit its exposure before the general public.

And while GMers agree “Big Blue” will be able to sell every PCjr manufactured in 1984 and beyond, they point to the exceptionally high cost of PCjr configured to perfrom most home uses. By comparison, Coleco’s Adam, Atari 600XL and 800XL and the Commodore-64 are all at least half as expensive.

“I don’t think the home computer customer is willing to even consider a unit costing over $1,000,” notes Frank Remaley, electronics buyer for G. C. Murphy. “In fact, I feel $599-$699 is about as high as we can realistically go in pricing functional systems.”

“Coleco’s Adam is as close to a perfectly priced unit as is possible,” adds Harder. “The price points are going to have to be under $1,000 for a home computet that does something–and that’s for a complete system, not just a CPU.”

Adam, with its CPU, tape-driven memory system, built-in word-processing software, one-game cartridge and letter-quality printer, will carry a suggested retail price of approximately $750 (including an already announced price hike). During the Christmans selling season, discounters and department stores were promoting the system for as little as $525.

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